Artist Statement

My artistic journey is to explore traditional and non-traditional methods and medium.  Oil paint is my preferred media, though I also use acrylics, collage and encaustic.

I paint what I see around me, but I’m not confined by realism. My style has evolved into a fauvist’s approach to landscape painting – painterly strokes, strong colors and simplified forms. I deconstruct the landscape into forms and patterns and my color schemes are less representational as well. Color can be subjective with hues ranging from realism to restricting my color palette to achieve harmony. I enjoy exploring abstraction, from impressionistic brush strokes to complete abstract-expressionistic abandonment. 

In all my travels, I take an extensive amount of photographs to use as references for my paintings, from the familiar scenes I grew up with in California, throughout Europe, as well as living in Virginia for eight years recently. Landscape is everywhere around us, and the challenge is to use elements of art that characterize form and light as exciting and stimulating as possible.

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